Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pianoworld Recital No. II

Hi, Everyone

Thanks for the replies guys its re-assuring to know that there are a few of you left!! :)

Okay, on to Recital number two at "Pianoworld Adult Beginner Forums" which was performed may 15 2006

This was my blurb...

Performers Name: Seaside_Lee

Experience: 2 years 7 months with Pianomagic

Song title/composer: Cabaret/ John Kander & Fred Ebb from the musical Cabaret

Source of music: By Ear

Instrument used: Casio Privia PX100 through a Yamaha Motif Rack ES

Notes: Hopefully the quality of the recording will sound better than my last one as this one is through my lovely new toy, the Motif Rack. I have been working really hard to tighten up my timing issues with this piece, hope Hobie and EP can hear I'm getting a little better with it? (here's hoping...anyways)

I feel like I've recorded this a million times, I am still not 100% happy with it but, before I have a mental breakdown with it! this'll have to do.

To hear this piece click the link below:-

Cabaret - Seaside Style {click to hear}

As I mentioned in the previous post if any of you newbies to the piano are thinking of participating in one of the recitals then I say - "GO FOR IT" When I sent this one off I was thinking "I wonder what people will think"?, "I wonder what They'll say"? etc.

But, there is no need to worry the members over there are some of the most supportive bunch of people I have had the pleasure to meet, even though most of them I'll never meet face to face. The encouragement that shines through in the reviews helps encourage you to get better and better!

Here's a sample of the wonderful things members posted after hearing "Cabaret - Seaside Style"

"There are just a couple of places where the rhythm seems a bit undecided, but aside from that, this is some really good work"

"you do a terrific job of coming up with a nice jazzy arrangement"

"I may never understand how people can play by ear, and I'll always be envious. What a pleasure to listen to!"

"A bit more laid back tempo than normally heard for this song. I like it. Different is good."

"Ok, maybe we should just start calling this the advanced beginners forum. Something about it made me envision it being played in a Old West bar in 1800’s. I love that kind of music."

"Such a "full" and very professional sound on this recording; like I was at a dinner theater or something. I just love the little "fill-ins" you put in throughout your song"

"It sounded really good, Lee. Great job!"

"Do you play it the same every time? I still don't get the play-by ear method of no notes!! Amazing"

"I really like the way you can take a fairly simple melody and make it sound so full."

"nice song, well played. "

"Your playing speaks volumes toward the PM program. Especially after reading some of the flames thrown “else were” in PW. lol I closed my eyes and could see Liza Minelli doing her thing on stage. "

"very nice as always! I remember this piece from the musical."

I know listening back it could have been much better (with the rhythm and all) and members were probably being over-kind in their reviews... but no matter, this sort of stuff spurs me on!! (I am sure it will for YOU too!!)

take care


Don't forget to post a comment if you enjoyed listening or reading because that spurs me on too! ;)

Monday, 6 August 2007

The Pianoworld Quarterly Recitals

Hi Folks

Yes its me...you know that guy that leaves his blog for weeks and keeps you all in suspense until you've all given up on him!!

Today I'm going to start telling y'all about the Pianoworld Adult Beginners Forum Quarterly online piano recitals. These were the brain child of "Mr SuperHunky" and "Sir Bob Muir" two of the regular posters at Pianoworld at the time. I think these recitals are a great idea and if you happen to visit Pianoworld and join in with the forums over there and maybe, if you'd like to improve your piano playing a little more? then why not get recording yourself and post something up at the next one (if you have a teacher already why not let them know about it too and then you could maybe work on a new piece together)

The feedback and encourgement you get from all the other members is great and very motivating. The help and encouragement I have gotten there and at pianomagic has been a huge factor in my successes so far IMHO. Also it gives you something to regularly aim for in your piano playing which in turn forces you to polish up one of your pieces every quarter (and boy do those 3 months pass by quickly!!)

This was my first one for the February 15th 2006 recital

. Performer's name :Seaside_Lee
. Experience :2 years 3 months with PianoMagic.com

. Music Link : Lee-More.mp3

Boy, was I nervous when I sent this up to Bob as this was the first recital I had ever played in however, I needn't have been because everyone was so kind and many seemed to genuinely enjoy my piece even though I was learning to play the piano in a way that I know many of the members there (who take regular piano lessons) couldn't really relate to.

This was my first attempt I hope you enjoy it too (that's if you are still reading this blog and haven't given up on me LOL )

BTW...please let me know and say hello if you are still reading this blog? or if you have enjoyed any of my music? or my long winded stories? because, I haven't received that many comments so far (I know get the violins out eh?) but, it is a little disappointing to me to get so little feedback and to be honest I am starting to wonder whether there is anyone actually reading this anymore?