Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This Blog has now moved

Hi Folks

If you have been reading or subscribed to this blog, thank you for sticking with me the past few years.

I have decided to move this blog to a new provider

The new blog can be found here [click]



Monday, 9 February 2009

Its nearly recital time again!

Well its getting very near to pianoworld recital time and as usual I'm procrastinating. I'll get it done I know I will! I have sat down 4 times at the bench today and said "right Lee c'mon lets do it" and every time either the phone has rang or something has distracted me and today was going to be the day (grrr!)

So, I have decided I'm going to do it before I go to bed tonight so by tomorrow I will have it done

And then I can sit back, put my feet up and relax!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I really like this new piano course I've just bought!

Hi there folks

As you know I've been with Mike at for over 5 years now. I've tried other things but, anyone who knows me or has read the previous post will know they all gather dust on my bookshelf!

Well there has been a lot of discussion about an amazing and relatively cheap piano course over in the Adult beginner forums at and what with me being a sucker for a new piano course an' all I just couldn't resist! however, I must admit to being rather skeptical before I clicked purchase because it seemed a bit too good to be true for the money?

I have had this course for a week and I have to say that along with pianomagic this is already shaping up to be one of the best courses I have ever seen and I recommend it to any of you reading whether you are just starting out, want to add a course to your pianomagic study or are interested in getting into jazz and blues (like me) its bloody fantastic!!

I wrote at pianoworld that I liked it and Robin Hall (the author) sent me a lovely email to thank me for recommending his course and even said he would be happy for me to link to his course from here so if you are interested :-

Click Here!

Along with pianomagic this one comes "Seaside_Lee Approved" (in other words it does what it says on the tin!)