Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Disaster at Pianomagic!!

This was just a terrible time for Mike and all his students....months of posts on the forums lost!! in the server meltdown, whats more months of my posts!!, months of my questions!! student projects all lost. The devastation when the site came back on-line was almost too much to take for Mike, myself and his many other students, it was very sad.

He told us how it had been a very difficult month!and in spite of careful efforts to safeguard all important data, the two companies he had hired to maintain DAILY BACKUPS C*O*M*P*L*E*T*E*L*Y FAILED to do the ONLY job they were supposed to do!

Months of posts and work had been lost it was devastating but Mike has put many things into place to make sure it never happened again”

Yes indeed it was very sad but, this leads to the next chapter of my journey...

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