Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Even Now

...So, after the crash I sent Mike a few new recordings, I was hoping they would cheer him up to hear my latest progress but, the reaction from Mike was to probably change my piano playing life for ever!

This was IMHO my defining moment and also the moment that I really fell in love with playing the piano and in particular the pianomagic method of learning how to play it!

So, here it is my version of "Even Now" (Barry Manilow's hit) the most amazing thing is this was recorded on the 11 june 2004 only after 8 months of learning to play the piano with Mike.


Mikes reaction to it amazed me:-

He said that I had worked so very hard and with tireless devotion. Sometimes, he had wanted to come over to Great Britain and HELP me personally...but THIS latest recording was simply an INSPIRATION! "Even Now" in spite of having lost all the previous posts under my topic, THIS WAS SUPERB!!


He was so amazed he asked was it ME playing???? He was breathless...it was so BEAUTIFUL! and in light of the past couple of weeks, it was 'breaking his heart' and had given him a sense of extreme inner relief...and emotional release.

He told me that I had done what nobody had done before (except for deceased organist VIRGIL FOX)...I had made him cry! with "Wonderful sounds"..."graceful musicianship"!! and he was so P*R*O*U*D..OF.. M*E*!!!

Mike said it was exactly what HE NEEDED to hear!

reading all his kind words made me cry too (tears of joy!)



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