Thursday, 3 May 2007

My 2nd public performance

Okay its about time we had something new here!!

"C'mon Seaside post something new!!"...I can hear y'all saying

Okay, so you heard how I flunked my first this is how I told the guys at pianomagic and at Pianoworld about the 2nd time I played a piano in public. The date was the 14th October 2005 just a little over 1 year after I started...

This is the Restaurant last night can you spot the baby grand by the bottom of the stairs, infront of the big windows?

My friend, who is also my booking agent (for discos) had also gone along to see a singer (we were booking for our 2nd baby's Christening ) and was dining with some of his friends and brought him (the singer) over to our table to chat to us about the up-coming "Christening day".

Well, we chatted for a while, plenty of laughing and joking etc ...somehow, the conversation got round to piano and how "Alexander" (my eldest) was taking lessons and also how the singers little boy was having lessons too.

So, my agent (who is a great jazz pianist) then somehow steers the conversation around to when "...he played on my keyboard at the gym" and "...what a good player I was" and how "...I'd been teaching myself from a course off the internet" how "...he couldn't believe how well I played after 1 year" and how he "...was jealous as he had spent many years at music college etc"

So...on the stage is a baby grand piano and my agent twists my arm to play it and show what I can do!...everyone eggs me on! (even Sharon can you believe it?) Well, I walk over to the piano and get on stage, my palms are sweating my heart is racing and I'm thinking "come on Lee don't fluke it" I can still hear our friends last words as I walked to the piano "play Titanic, play Titanic"

I sat down...played around the 1625 for a minute or so to get a feel for the piano...its in tune...but, the keys are a little uneven ...nothing like my perfect yammie...but the 1625 is calming me down.

I start..." A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square" yes!!!! I play it perfectly (I can play it in my sleep remember) although I know I am playing just a little too fast as my heart is racing too fast!! I continue with a little improv. around the 1625 again everything is flowing so nicely... then, in my head I hear again a whisper "play Titanic"

Quick as a flash I'm into it and I'm thinking "just remember Lee not too much intro keep it short, slow it down"...its coming together, its beautiful, my heart is still racing..."slow down"...I'm nearing the end..."remember Lee take it up the keyboard that pretty little music box ending you did in the recital hall"... nailed it!!!...big Grand Arp...Yes ...FINISH...Oh Yes!!!

Now, I am not kidding here... but, the whole restaurant cheered, everyone was applauding and shouting for more!, more!

Just Picture me (if you can?) I'm stood on stage arms wide open (humourously milking all the glory)...I bow to the Royal box..and leave the stage thinking leave 'em wanting for more (I dunno?...maybe, I should have played one more?)

But, hey....I DID IT !!!!!!

Thanks Mikey!

This is similar to what I played on that night (only this was recorded on the 17th September 2005 in a little less than a year!!)

My Heart Will Go On :-

Thats it for today

take care


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