Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Practise time last night

Hi Guys

Okay, now for something a little different...yes...I'll get back to my journey more in the next post but, I thought some of you would like to hear a more recent practise session and I reckon last night is recent enough! I like these (practise sessions) because it shows more bloopers, shows more of how I play when I haven't been practising something over and over for say "the Pianoworld recitals" and I hope you find it fascinating too.

If you have been reading this blog from the start you will know that at first I couldn't figure out melodies to save my life and it could take me hours and hours to work out the simplest of melodies, now things are so different! at times I can just play the sounds in my head as you'll hear in this recording this is just straight out of my head and onto the keyboard (at times it really freeks me out now!!)

This recording also highlights one of the pitfalls of playing by ear and that is you really have to know the melody inside out and you will hear that I didn't know the first song "This guys in Love" thoroughly enough and I had to eventually sack it off and try my hand at "Singing In The Rain" (which I admit I had a little dabble with a few weeks ago) but, just sprung into my mind as I was struggling with "This Guys in Love"

Of course this is just a practise session and maybe in a week or maybe even a month or so down the road I'll have these songs how I want them to sound and I'll post them in one of the piano bars at Pianoworld or maybe the next recital..I hope it'll be interesting to see what happens to them.

Of course I could never have dreamed I could have done anything like this 3 and half years ago (whether its bloopy or not!) and I have Mike to thank so much at Pianomagic for teaching me how to do this kinda thing so easily, anyway here it is warts and all :-

This Guys In Love & Singing In The Rain Practise Session

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