Tuesday, 3 July 2007

It very nearly didn't happen!!

I got a phone call from Mike a few weeks before he was due to set off on his cruise before arriving in London...he was very upset because the hotel that he was staying in (and where we were all going to meet and play the piano for the day) had changed their minds and due to this change the hotel had decided that for us to use the piano at the hotel and to rent a room for the day was going to cost Mike literally thousands of pounds!!

Unless, we could find somewhere else in London to play a piano (for a much smaller fee) the planned visit and meet for the day with Mike was off!!

He was devastated and I felt so upset for him and really disappointed myself as the excitement for this visit had been building at pianomagic for months and I was literally getting myself to bursting point with the excitement and anticipation of it all. I had every intention of picking Mikes brains when he came over and I was so gutted it wasn't going to happen!...


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