Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pictures of our holiday to Italy

Hi Folks

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts...I had a great family holiday in Italy this to break things up a little (and as someone said I should post some pictures up to make things more interesting) heres a few pictures from our summer holiday:-

Mummy & the boys...

Fun with dad in the pool...

Go on - you first...

Ice Creams by the Pool...

Til the next post, hope y'all enjoy the fun pictures




Mak said...

Great pictures- you have a lovely family. I'm sure it was a wonderful vacation.


Seaside_Lee said...

Hi Mak

Yes it was a wonderful thanks...Not a cloud in the sky the whole time, nothing to do but, play by the pool eat pasta and pizza (justa lika mamma used to make!)and drink wine...seems like a lifetime ago already!! :(