Friday, 7 September 2007

A marvelous email

Hi Folks

There have been many wonderful moments that I have experienced over these past few years but, this was one of those moments that really took me by surprise!!

One day I received a wonderful email from someone somewhere in the world who took the time to write me this:-

"Just thought I would let you know that I have been looking for the song
"The Way We Were" to use on my Mother's 60th Wedding Anniversary photo
disc that I am doing.
I was unable to find an original Barbara download (for free) and while browsing web links about the song title came across yours. I just want to say that I personally think your rendition was beautiful and I have decided to use it on the CD...Thanks..."

I of course replied that "I didn't really know what to say" and that "he was most welcome to use it" and "it would be an honour for me to have him use it for something so special".

At the time I received the email I posted about it at "pianomagic" and I said back then:-

"What is this thing I have gotten into? It really is one of the most magical experiences I have ever known"

Here is the music that the gentleman who emailed me used for his Mums CD:-

To hear... "The Way We Were" performed By me October 2005 [click here]

At the time of the recording I had been learning to play with Mike @ "pianomagic" for only 2 years!

I have to add that even today the email still amazes me, to think someone in the world actually liked something that I had created enough to use it for such a special ocassion!

I will never know or meet these people but, even so I am just thrilled to have been a part of their special day!!



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