Thursday, 4 October 2007

Fanclub...I need your help!

Hi Folks,

As some of you may know (especially the true fans LOL) as well as owning a gym I am also a DJ and I work through an agency

A few weeks ago I was the DJ at a very posh wedding and this is the story I told the folks at pianomagic

"I am so pumped I had to tell you guys on my way home from a wedding I just DJ'd

I arrived at the venue at 6-00PM and it was running very late the guests had only just begun their meal, so I was going to have to wait around a few hours!

I haven't played a gig at this hotel very often but, it has a beautiful baby grand and a regular pianist (who is very good)

Anyways, I am waiting around to load my gear in and I'm listening to him play for about half an hour or so...

Then...he comes out of the room says a quick "hello" as he recognizes me from the last time I was there...and then it turns out he was booked from 5-30PM and has to leave...

Whats a guy to do????

I have wanted to play background at a wedding meal for (like all my life!!!) and here is my chance

I sit down the piano is situated behind the main table and I start to play - no-one so much as bats an eyelid they don't even notice I don't look anything like the old guy with glasses who has just left and I've got jeans and trainers (aka sneakers in the USA to avoid confusion) on to boot!!

I play for about 45 minutes song after song just playing for me and no-one even on the top table right in front of me notices or says anything

I LOVED IT!!!!!! I can do this, I'm gonna do this..."

Here are some piccies of the wedding...

Looking through the rear door (that I had to load my equipment through...notice how near to the Wedding Party top table the piano is! That's the brides dress BTW yikes! (would you dare do it?) and hey they never even noticed! cool was that?)

a very nice and well maintained Baby Yamaha Grand

another piccie of the piano, the staff are just starting to clear away the tables for the disco

Looking down the room from the piano as the room is being readied for the disco

The upshoot of this is I promptly went and told my booking agent that "I was thinking I was ready to start playing background piano during the wedding breakfast as an extra to my usual disco services"...

Now, I'm wishing maybe I shouldn't have opened my big mouth as he has come back to me saying that "he could possibly market me as this 'combo package' to prospective wedding parties and whenever it is convenient could I pop round with my keyboard and PA system and audition for him...yikes!!!!"


this is where I need my fan club :)

This morning I was at home waiting around for SKY TV engineers to fix our satellite dish and I had a couple of hours to kill...In that time I have recorded the following eleven pieces I would like you to listen and tell me your 3 favourites and 3 second favourites out of this list of songs
and whatever you choose I shall play for him

Here they are all freshly recorded this morning:-

1. An Affair To Remember (click here to hear)

2. How Deep Is Your Love (Click here to hear)

3. If (Click here to hear)

4. I'll Be See-ing You (Click here to hear)

5. I'm Wishing On A star (Rose Royce) (Click here to hear)

6. I've Got You Under My Skin (Click here to hear)

7. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet (Click here to hear)

8. More (Click here to hear)

9. Pennies From Heaven (Click here to hear)

1o. The Rainbow Connection (Click here to hear)

and finally as a little novelty piece

11. A Tribute To the Bride (Click here to hear)

I appreciate that this a lot of listening so this is strictly for the die hard fans :)

I am also thinking of putting a website together and the 6 favourites will probably be used on the site as samples of my playing for any prospective brides and grooms to hear.

Thanks in advance



To listen to all the pieces in one sitting {{click here}}


Mak said...

Lee- As one of the "die-hard" fans (who just got back home after a trip), I will listen this afternoon, ok?

Mak said...

Ok, Lee, I've listened to them all. Here are my picks: (They are all great, btw)

First choices:
1) Romeo and Juliet
2) If
3) Rainbow Connection

Second choices:
1) I'll be Seeing You
2) More
3) How Deep is Your Love

Seaside_Lee said...

thanks for listening mak

I shall add your "picks" to the running total @ pianoworld forums


Lee xx

Anonymous said...

Lee .... great story, very cool development in your playing career. Best of luck!
Mike A

Seaside_Lee said...

Thanks Mike A

I'll let you know how this thing develops