Monday, 28 January 2008

Ski Holiday - disaster!!

Hi Folks,

Flew back into England late Saturday night after my first ever ski trip

here's what I told the folks at pianomagic :-

"Just got back from skiing in Austria, a holiday I didn't fancy at all (never have) but Sharon loves skiing and after many arguments I lose and off we go!

I have to admit I quite enjoyed it, got the hang of it (more or less)and on Thursday night went night skiing with Alexander (who had taken to it so well he ended up in upper advanced ski school, doing black runs, jumps and having a complete blast!!) and slipped going to the ski lift fell on my left ski pole and have partially ruptured my thumb ligament so my thumb is now in a very clever plastic removable cast for the next 5 weeks!! grrrrrrr!

Luckily I didn't fully rupture it which would have meant an operation to stitch it back to the bone or I would never have full use of my thumb again!!!!!

However, worse was to come on the final day (we were flying at 20:40 and being picked up by a taxi at 16:30) Sharon was hit full on by a snow boarder at around 11:30 whilst slowly skiing down with Sebby and has ruptured both her cruciate and interior ligament on her right knee.

The boys and I are back home safe and sound she remains in hospital in Austria where she had an immediate operation at 17:15!

The main damage was to her interior ligament which has been repaired and now will have to remain straight in some form of cast? but, unfortunately the cruciate has had to be removed and will need an operation to reconstruct it at some later date as that ligament when repaired has to be exercised and is the least important to knee stability.

Her cartiledge was also damaged and has been cut and reshaped...she is in better spirits today now the boys are safe at home and the morphine is taking the excruciating pain away (in her words worse than child birth!!)

I have tried to play the piano today a little and still can manage it to some extent"

Just thought I'd let y'all know


Here are some pictures of my hand in the clever plastic cast:-


Mak said...

Oh, my! Never been skiing; never intend to! Oldest daughter and her boyfriend are avid snowboarders, tho- they love it. They ARE very careful of others on the trails, tho. John actually fell and twisted a knee once to avoid hitting a skier. And Jill has knocked her shoulder about quite nicely a few times. Not for me!!!

I hope Sharon is doing better and can get home soon! Knee surgery is much better than it used to be. As everyone has said, therapy afterward is key.

My best to you both.

Seaside_Lee said...

Thanks Mak

for the wishes

This is going to be a struggle to get through but, we will

Sharon is going through much worse than me, poor thing