Friday, 8 February 2008

Traded in my casio PX-100 for a PX-320

Hi Everyone [Big Grin]

If you've not been reading posts at pianoworld recently you'll be unaware that I have finally let go of the PX-100 for a new PX-320 and what a big difference this piano is, I like it a lot (almost as much as my Yamaha Motif rack)

Here's how I let the folks in the digital forums know about it:-

The casio PX-100 finally had to go...I've traded it in for a brand new casio PX-320 [Big Grin]

The PX100 has been a wonderful piano to learn on and its size and weight have always been a big plus for me.

But, this year I've promised myself I'm gonna start gigging and today I test drove the PX-320 (just this morning in fact) and a deal to part ex the PX100 was done.

This is a fantastic keyboard [Big Grin]

128 note polyphony
The weight and the feel of the new keyboard is in a different league to the PX-100
The piano sounds are just beautiful to my ears
and it has audio outs so straight into my rig without using the rack every time and straight into audacity for recording and a SD card record facility built in, to boot!!

I like this piano a lot [Big Grin]

Casio PX-320 information

If you are maybe considering purchasing one and would like to hear how my new baby sounds

I've just recorded a brief jam to show the dynamics of the whole keyboard:-

Practise jam with my new PX-320 {click to hear}

Then a guy called Baz asked me:-

"Hi Lee, you have a lovely grand piano sound there but I was wondering if it had a more upright/bluesy preset? Any chance of a quick demo of it if it has? [Big Grin]"

"Can I hear the Rock Piano? I'm guessing that's going to be an Elton John type of sound but might be a useful compromise"

Unfortunately he had to mention "Elton John" and the "blues" ...unfortunate for me because Elton is so good and I'm not too good at playing the blues!

Nevertheless I had a stab at something for him to hear, here's what I said:-

"Hi Baz

Did you have to mention Elton John!! [Help] [Roll Eyes]

Basically just ignore the playing (cause this aint nothing like him ! [Ha Ha] )

And blues aint my strong point either so no laughing at the "bluesy attempt" at the end...okay?

Hope it helps

I guess this aint what they call the blues !! LOL
{click to hear}

Erm...Yes...exactly!.. I know what your thinking!! [Ha Ha]

Anyhow it seems that my piano sound would suit Baz perfectly despite the bad demo, the only drawback is getting his wifes approval for a new purchase!!! (Erm...Sharon just doesn't know about mine[Ha Ha])

So, just for a little fun and to cheer him up I played him a small sample:-

I guess you would call it the blues [thumbsup]

A small sample - Just to make you smile - LOL
{click to hear}

Oh what fun...I love new toys[Big Grin]


Lee[Big Grin]


Mak said...

I think everybody loves new toys!! LOL It sounds really good- nice piano voices. Enjoy it!

MisterEd said...

Hi Lee,

This is Mister Ed from PMMO.

Greatly enjoyed your Practice Jam. It's the happiest I've ever heard you play!

Seaside_Lee said...

Hi Mak :)

Oh toys are just fab :)

And Mister Ed :)

Yes I think its this new keyboard thats making me happy and its coming across in my playing - how cool

thanks for listening

Lee :)