Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The support of my online friends

Hi Folks

I am proud to be a member of two on-line piano communities. If you are new to this blog they are the forums at and that I have mentioned previously.

I have to admit to spending quite a lot of time on both forums and have found myself sitting here many a time laughing out loud, smiling, sometimes crying whilst reading and joining in with threads at these places.

I am unfortunately going through a split with Sharon and have moved out back to my Dads house. It has been a mutual decision because the arguments and bickering between the two of us had just spiralled out of control these past few years and it was decided that for the sake of everyone especially the children it was best we separate.

I'm doing okay on the whole but, worry about the boys so much and the whole thing is really quite sad. The thought of dating again or meeting someone else is quite daunting and I think its going to take a while for me to find my way back to be honest.

Anyway, I find the best way for me to chill out is just to play my piano and sometimes I record myself playing, you know just let it run and forget about it. Sometimes something comes out of me and its only when I listen back I think "WOW...did I play that?"

Anyhow the other night I played 'The Way We Were' and I think it captured my feelings perfectly, its like therapy for me.

Please feel free to take a listen:-

The Way We Were {to hear click here}

What amazes me though is the support of people that I only know as user names, have never met but, somehow feel so close to. Just when I'm feeling a little sad and sorry for myself they listen to me play and chip in with words of such kindness and enthusiasm (even if they are just being kind it gives me strength somehow) if you are reading this folks you know who you are and I'd like to thank you all personally in this blog.

Its comments like these...

"Very beautiful, sensitive playing Lee"

"I was close to tears (seriously), given the song you chose and the situation around it."

"Wow... Lee...I am in awe at you talent. You played with such depth of feeling... Thank you for sharing your beautiful music."

"Wow Lee. You literally portrayed a story through the melodies and the way you played this tune."

"Lee, Thanks for sharing this. It is very moving. I don't know what you're going through"

"Holy cow, Lee - this is an example of music being a window into someone's soul. So elegant, melancholy, and beautiful. Delicate, but confident. I'm impressed with (a) your playing and (b) your willingness to express your emotions through music."

"So beautiful, so deep, so brave."

"Hi Lee, It may be your "therapy" but a gift for us"

...that mean the world to me, somehow make me stronger, makes me even more determined to get through this and to take this "piano journey" of mine wherever it wants to lead me.

To all those members who have posted and are maybe going to post in the future I dearly treasure your support and kindness so thank you once again.

The idea of this blog was to inspire fellow adult beginners like me that you can achieve your dreams! Okay, so I've had a little blip in my personal life but my DREAM carries on...

take care


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