Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Concert hall is open at Pianomagic to the general public!!

Hi Folks

Some exciting news Mike asked all of us to record something either in the public domain or something of our own creation to celebrate his birthday and 20 years of pianomagic!!!

I recorded an improvisation on my new Casio PX-320 which y'all will have heard below which fit the bill and is now proudly in the concert hall along with 19 other members and their music who joined in the task and have won themselves 2 extra months into the bargain (even though Mikey said "one"!)

Just go to the front page of pianomagic and follow the link to the "Celebration Concert" to hear all of us, Sponge Bob has been there the longest and he's the bomb but, there are many performers from new starters to old hands and everyone is finally doing it playing by ear (how kool is that?)

I submitted something else that didn't get in which was my version of "This Old Man/The Barney Theme" which you can hear below:-

To hear what a pianomagical play by ear pianist can do to This Old Man {click Here}

Take a listen to the concert I hope you all enjoy it!

take care


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amshresta said...


I am so glad to discover your blog site. Lots of good stuff!

I enrolled for 1-year membership with PianoMagic and I hope to learn as well as you did.

Would it be possible for you to post a video of your playing I'll be Seeing you? I would like to see how you produce the rippling sound. Another favourite is the song The Way We Were - so haunting and expressive. I enjoyed them all.