Monday, 26 March 2007

First reactions to my new blog

Its Monday 26th March 2007

Last week I nervously unveiled my new blog to the forums I visit and it seems to have been very well received...some people have actually subscribed!!! (which is kool)

Pastor Gary has left a comment and that made me feel great thanks PG!!

I have had a few suggestions on what to do to make this blog better - putting some stuff in my profile would be nice (maybe some speedo photos!! LOL), smaller blocks of text etc and I'll do my best to incorporate some of the suggestions you've made thanks everyone.

Over at pianoworld dearest Monica ;) has suggested it would be neat if I could find my first ever post at pianoworld too...well I've tried today and its impossible...grrrrr!! I have searched for all my posts and the search will only take me back as far as 300 posts and the ABF has 82 pages which only goes back as far as 2005. I wonder if there are archives?

thats it for now



crystal said...

Raisingplenty here! It's so rare to see a REAL person strugle succeed openingly. This has inspired me to keep up with my own blog. I let it go about a month or 2 ago. Piano Magic would be a great reason to start back.Thanks!

Seaside_Lee said...

look forward to hearing about your journey with pianomagic Crystal

You'll be fine...heck you've got me and the gang to help you ;)