Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Frank to the rescue!!!...yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!

Wow...Frank is on the ball

I only mentioned it yesterday in my blog and he's found my first post at Pianoworld and sent me the link already!! how kool is that huh?

Heres what Frank found out for me

I looked it up, you joined June 19, 2004. Looks like your first post was this one on June 28, 2004...

(about 1/2 way down the page)


Frank B.Piano World

Click the link above to find the first thread I posted in (can't understand why I didn't say hello but, I seem to remember that I posted in the digital piano forum before the ABF because I was initially looking for help on a new purchase...but Frank says thats the first post so, I'll go with it)

So, here it is my first post from that thread as always trying to be as helpful as I could...(yeah I know...erm...and always harping on about playing by ear!!...LOL)

Hi mkorman

I can tell that this incident has upset you. People who don't understand or have never played a piano...do not really understand the hard work that goes into learning how to play one or performance nerves that can effect people who do not play professionally.

Seems to me that you would like to be able to perform some songs spontaneously. The best way to do this is to learn to be able to play by ear aswell as learning to read sheet music.

I have been learning to play by ear for about 8 months now (something I had believed for years was just a god given gift...but, is in reality quite easy to learn if you know how ;-) )...and I can happily rattle off 10 - 20 songs if needed and probably 20 -30 nursery rhyme type songs if everyone one was still awake.

I have to say playing by ear is fun fun fun...if you are interested in finding out how to learn just email me and I'll let you know.



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