Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The magic of Mikes guidance at pianomagic!

Okay, now to hear some of my recordings posted at pianomagic

This is a chance for you to hear how I have improved in my playing from recording to recording and a chance for you to read some of Mikes (aka pianomagic) comments on my pieces.

This to me is the absolute value of pianomagic!! not only is it a pretty cool way to learn to play the piano (IMHO) but, you have Mike to listen to your music and help you through your struggles with some amazing feedback and guidance (just by listening to your recordings!)

First one

This was posted 1st July 2004 (I joined October 2003 so, this is...erm...around 9 months in!)

What A Wonderful World {Click Here}

Mike always has helpful comments on our pieces to help us along :-

He could tell I was making good progress and had many helpful suggestions to stop me tripping myself up with my rhythm problems

The start of many similar conversations over the coming months as rhythm has been a real kicker for me!

More to come...

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