Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Using Cantabile Light and a VST instrument

Hi Folks :)

Following Matthijs Instructions over at pianoworld, I downloaded a free program called 'Cantabile Light' and used it with my VST 'Steinberg the Grand'

This recording is for an improvisation challenge set by Matthijs over at pianomagic

Seasides December 2007 Improvisation

Please feel free to pass a comment if you like or don't like the piano sound, I'm pretty happy with it and the best thing is it saves me time converting the midi files (that I have recorded at home on my Yamaha CLP170) through the motif rack every time :)

take care



Mak said...

Haven't caught up here in a while! Good stuff.

I like the piano sound. It's very full.

Your videos are a bit jumpy yet for me, but I am on the laptop right now, so that may have something to do with it. Will try from my desktop later.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great -- both the VST and the playing. I have Cantabile Light and tried the Steinberg MDA Piano, but didn't like it as much as some of the SF2s (Yannleo S100 and WST Steinway Grand). Is the Steinberg Grand a freebie or did you buy it? If free (or real cheap) do you have a link?

Seaside_Lee said...

Hi bluekeys

glad you like the sound...the Steinway grand is not a freebie I'm afraid...matthijs uses true pianos I think and that is either very cheap or free?...either way it sounds about as good as this :)

Mak..the video is jumpy (so don't worry) I used a cheapo webcam...its a start, should be buying a new video cam after Xmas so maybe the next ones will be in a better quality.

Thanks for listening