Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Playing on a Lobby Piano

Hi Folks :)

As some of you may know already I am a DJ and at Xmas time I have a run of around 20 gigs at a Medieval Banquet Night.

At this particular hotel complex there is a lobby piano (a very out of tune Yamaha grand piano) that I like to play just for fun!

Late at night after the disco has finished it can get quite "hair raising" (people assume that I am the regular pianist - they want sing-a-longs and request loads of songs too!!!)

It's a little like throwing yourself in at the deep end! but this is my 4th year playing on it and it doesn't bother me at all anymore.

Sorry about the quality of this video, its the best that the secondary camera on my mobile phone can do. This was taken before the festivities of the night so there is no singing a long as they are not drunk enough yet!

maybe the next one I'll take late at night

So here it is...I've edited it down to just under 10 minutes...but, have left in "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" which I hadn't played for a year and you may notice I got a little stuck remembering how it went...but, the key is to keep going and make the same mistake again if you can so it seems to anyone listening like a variation (if you are lucky)

Have a wonderful Xmas everyone (especially to the members of my 'fan club')


Edit to add:

Someone has mentioned to me the video quality and all the background noise!...until I get a phone upgrade its the best I can do for video quality but, with regard to the noise? this is what I said about it:-

"yes that background noise huh?..however, that's what I wanted y'all to hear...'cause that is exactly what it is like...the room is just chock full of excitement and expectation with regard to the night ahead at their office Xmas parties. I was hoping you would get a sense of it? Heck, you can hardly hear the dang piano! (in other words one can get away with murder at this joint...which is kinda kool)

later on in 'sing-a-long territory' I have to really play it LOUD!!to get it going"

Its been a great venue for me in many ways, a baptism of fire in others!! but on the whole its been a blast!


Mak said...

Wow! That's awesome that you can do that! I nearly had a heart attack playing for 3 or 4 people this weekend- and they weren't even in the same room! LOL

Seaside_Lee said...

Yikes mak!...LOL

But, you did it...it gets easier the more you do it and addictive too.

To get people to dance to your music or sing a long is quite an amazing thing. I can't explain it but, when you experience it, you won't come down off of that cloud for weeks!!