Saturday, 13 September 2008

Chatting With Rickster at pianoworld

Hi Everyone

There's a member over at pianoworld called "Rickster" and he plays by ear all by himself (which is rather cool in my humble opinion - because I had to be taught!)

Anways, Rickster posted up a video of himself playing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which was quite amazing because he hasn't been playing piano for too long

here is the video:-

Just fantastic but, I was thinking maybe with a little help Rickster could make this even more F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C

And with this in mind I decided to try and help him (its aways a little scary offering advice because you may offend someone)

This is what I posted to try to help Rickster

"Hi Rickster,

Really really nice - loved watching you play

You say you want some feedback?

Its beautiful as is but there are a couple of things you can work on to make it totally awesome

1. Play with more contrast same notes just a little softer in places then coming in with a splash of louder - think passion when you play try and talk to my soul and you may astound yourself

2. the left hand pattern is lovely but just change it in places maybe just some simple block chords or some tenths should do it

3. One last thing try and add little pauses and speed ups to emphasize the emotion in your playing

As I say its pretty as is - play around with those ideas for a few weeks and hey someone may be hiring you for $$$$'s - try and bring a tear my eye with the next video

Would you like me to record something for you to give you some ideas to chew on?"

I then went on to record a version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" with some ideas for Rickster to chew on :-

Some Ideas for Rickster to chew on [click here]

I was hopeful that because Rickster plays by ear that he would be able to hear what I was trying to show him.

He did post me a very nice reply:-

"Hi Seaside_Lee,

Wow, your version of “Somewhere over the RB “was great! I doubt if I could mimic that anytime soon. It does give me some good ideas for improvement though.

Thanks a lot!


I do dearly hope that my friend Rickster takes some ideas with him.

take care, til next time


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