Tuesday, 2 September 2008

For-chan and "Hear and Play"

Just like a bus you wait around for ages and then 2 come along at once!! LOL

Every so often someone asks about playing by ear over at pianoworld and I end up chatting about how I learned to play by ear as an adult beginner with Pianomagic.com and Mike Anderson

Anyhow, a member called 'For-chan' was asking for advice because he was finding that Hear and Play by Jermaine Griggs the Number one play by ear course (guffaw) wasn't helping. Sorry Jermaine I love your stuff and nearly always end up buying all your special offers - its cool but, how the heck anyone learns to play by ear off of it? I have no idea!

This is what 'For-chan' wrote:-

"Is there anyone that has had success with hear and Play and is completely happy with their purchase?

Anyway.. I'm really interested in PianoMagic because I like how scales aren't the main focus, more on chords. "

Here was my first reply to his question

Hi For-chan

I have hear and play infact I usually end up buying every new thing that they come out with, I never get anywhere with any of it but, I would say that down to the fact I don't really dig in properly. Would I sell any of my hear and Play DVDs? (no way - they are always on my to do list - I like to watch them from time to time just to see if I can glean anything new)

I can never quite put my finger on why I don't connect but, on the whole I just don't - but, I'm always thinking "one day I'll get it"

Check my blog for my story about pianomagic if you like - it works like magic but, it doesn't work for everyone and you really have to ask questions in the forums when you get stuck.

So many people don't ever make one post not even to say hello which see-ing as the forums is the key to getting really good and understanding everything that never makes sense to me but hey?

I have Sudnow too which starts you right off the bat playing big lush chords from dot sheet notation (Misty and As time goes by and there are many more) and teaches you the way to voice your own choice of songs from lead sheets as you progress.

Its probably not the easiest way to learn how to play by ear but, its a great way to learn to play jazzy cocktail style voicings of the tunes you love - check out swinging barb in the jazz thread she plays like a dream and she is a 100% Sudnow-a-holic [Big Grin]

Hope this helps a little

Then For-chan asked:-

Could you tell me what the Piano Magic course starts off with?

To which I replied:-

It teaches you in the beginning to see (and hear) how chords and melodies follow a very logical path through most of the tunes you know, It teaches you how to hear simple chord changes and their relationships with the melodies you know.

You will work on the songs that you know, the songs that you can whistle, hum or sing and you will learn to play them by ear starting with your simple stuff first.

You will be taught how to add basic rhythm patterns to the songs that you know and from which you will grow into playing erm "For-chan style"

From the basics you can take it wherever you want to go, you will learn about cousin chords and hidden chords, how to resolve accidentals, the C of 5ths and much much more [Big Grin]

There are many many many videos about playing styles whether it be boogie woogie or latin rhythms that all start out from a basic foundation.

I've been there nearly 5 years and am still only touching the surface of what there is to glean but, you have to participate. I have posted more questions than any one else I may not be the best player there but, I'm the best ME - I still thirst for more knowledge and I still keep asking (only you can have the desire to want it)

Some people thrive on having a weekly lesson and being given strict instructions I'm not like that you might be or you may not? only you can know

Then I provided a couple of demos for him as to how I sound and how pianomagic works taking a simple melody and chords and making it sound...erm...prettier?

Demo 1 {click here}

Demo 2 {click here}

To read the entire thread over at pianoworld {click here} I think its an interesting discussion if you are considering joining pianomagic.




Mark said...

That was actually a very good demonstration of how to personalise and make something your own. I had to listen for a minute or two to get to the good bit of demo 2, but it was worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.

Seaside_Lee said...

Hi Mark

Glad you stuck it out :)...and thanks for letting me know you got something out of it.

Lee :)

Jermaine Griggs said...

Hey guys,

Jermaine here :-).

If ya can't learn with my style, ya just can't learn! Come on guys! Check out this lesson... it epitomizes my style of teaching...


At any rate, I appreciate the honest feedback. Glad to come across this page.

Jermaine Grigs

Seaside_Lee said...

Hi Jermaine :)

Yes its probably just me as I say I love your stuff and its a great frustration that I don't understand how to play like you teach but, something just doesn't usually connect in my noggin :( (which bugs me to be honest!)

I shall check out that link thanks because if I could get my head around those phat chords dude I'd be a happy camper :)