Thursday, 18 September 2008

An example of My pianomagic noodling

Hi Folks

I often see asked over at the forums questions that talk about "exercises" and "how to stop getting bored of practising" and how to "make ones playing more emotional"

I have to confess I don't do any exercises such as Hanon or any scale work of any significance either unless I'm working on a new key (which I am admittedly very lazy with)

No, for me I "noodle" its a technical term LOL

When I get fed up I often noodle around the 1,6,2,5 pattern

In the Key of C this would be the chord progression of C, A minor, D minor and G (G7)

This is a cool chord progression as all the notes in the chords are from the C scale so that almost any melody note played on the white keys sounds good (this is good to know because you can just make things up as you play)

I can noodle like this for hours and go to place in my mind where time just doesn't exist

There are other chord progressions you can use and the other day I recorded myself freely noodling on a major to minor change - for about 20 minutes!!

So, if you've got loads of time on your hands (and no life LOL) you can always take a little trip into the weird and wonderful mind of Seaside Lee when he's noodling - In the first minute the recording drops out a couple of time - dunno why? darn computers! so apologies for that - but, then it seems to be okay

Seasides major to minor practise Noodling [click to hear]

The chords I mainly used were C, Em F and G for the major section
and A minor, F, B diminished and E for the minor section

All I'm doing is playing around with textures, volumes and rhythms, I may throw in the odd 1625 here and there too. Sure, Its all a little repetitive but, it doesn't matter when you are noodling, just keep your headphones on and who hears it anyway! LOL

Nobody ever asks any questions (that's if anyone still reads this stuff?) but, if you want to ask something please feel free to ask away.

This was played on my Casio PX-320 keyboard and recorded using Audacity straight in to my computer from the line outs.

"Happy Noodling"



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Thank you for a great deal of inspiration